Adam Corlett - Keynote Speaker

Adam Corlett was diagnosed with epilepsy at nineteen years old with no known cause. After a sudden an unexpected seizure, the nurses in the Emergency Room stated that his seizures were the most violent they had ever seen. 

The pharmaceutical drugs he was prescribed had terrible side effects and he had to switch from one drug to another repeatedly. After 4 different Pharma drugs, the neurologist informed us that he had a 3% chance of any drugs ever working to stop his seizures. At the time, Adam was having between 2-8 seizures a day for over 6 months. When he discovered that people were finding relief through Cannabis therapy he knew he had to try it. After his first dose, he stopped having seizures.

Adam has learned that personalized medication is the future of medicine and he has devoted his life to help spread his knowledge. With the variety of medicine that Cannabis presents, he's been able to help patients find their own form of personalized medicine- which is often a specific cultivar of cannabis or a specific ratio of cannabinoids that helps their specific needs. Adam is now one year and six months seizure free thanks to Cannabis therapy.