Dean Lindal

Dean Lindal has been attending the world entrepreneur forum since its inception with his father vic lindal one of Canada's all time winningest coaches along with his sons Ben, Aiden, Zach and his year 11 year old son Brody.  Dean is passionate about innovation, supporting the next generation of young entrepreneurs globally. He has been a finalist in Canadas top 40 leaders under 40 for his work to build international peer network entrepreneurs organization over a 20 year period.  He was the winner of the business in Vancouver top 40 leaders under 40 and also Vancouver islands top 40 leaders under 40.   He is a published author being a part of Dale Exton's KPMG VP BIZ book on sales and biz development. Dean spent the formative years of his career traveling to more than 30 countries opening up peer network EO and helping support the growth. He has been an entrepreneur, mentor, consultant and support coach for many leading entrepreneurs. He looks forward to sharing experience and ideas on innovation.