Joel Sherlock

Co-Founder / Chairman – Vitalis Extraction Tech

A serial entrepreneur and business leader, Joel is a born connector who has been building great teams and delivering the expertise to execute. Joel has been at the helm of 9 successful start-ups and corporate exits, including one of BC’s top private real estate brokerages, a national first action sports e-commerce company, a successful corporate consulting firm and a few private equity funds. 

Joel’s time is now focused on Vitalis Extraction Technologies, Spectrum Asset Leasing and Doventi Capital. 

Born in Winnipeg Manitoba, Joel’s early years were on the farm, that all seems a far cry from studying finance at UBC and Harvard Business School and offices in Vancouver, Kelowna and Toronto. Joel still loves to balance all this travel with a few days on the farm, with no phone or internet.

Vancouver is home to Doventi Capital, the Private Equity fund he co-founded to support professionals in the growing legal cannabis market. Vitalis Extraction Technologies in Kelowna BC is an industry leader in manufacturing industrial CO2 Extraction equipment. Spectrum Leasing (Toronto, ON) is an asset backed lender designed to support the entrepreneurs and manufacturers in the world’s fastest growing market.