Kiem Schutter

Kiem Schutter’s strong vision, and his commitment to changing the face of medicine, is what lead him to first create Qi, bringing an integrated health centre to the Kitsilano neighbourhood in 2006. Born into a very health conscious family, Kiem grew up in a home that celebrated alternative health methods. Where other families’ medicine cabinets were full of Tylenol, his family’s was full of herbs. A snowboarding injury is what initially lead him to explore the practice of acupuncture, when he found that the treatments he received as a patient helped him heal his ailment in a way that traditional medicine had not been able to. In 2004 he graduated from the Academy of Classical Oriental Sciences in Nelson. Two years later, he founded Qi. He felt strongly that everything about Qi, from the plants to the architecture, should evoke a healing environment, making it unique from the sterile and cold environments of the average medical clinics in the city.

Qi has grown immensely since 2006, and was named in the Georgia Straight’s Best of Vancouver as the # 1 Naturopathic Clinic and the #1 Integrated Health Clinic. Kiem has personally been awarded the Top 40 Under 40 Business in Vancouver in the year 2016. From 2010 to 2012, he was president of the BC Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine. As an active member of the Vancouver business community, Kiem’s tenure as an entrepreneur has lead him to become a thought leader on not only integrated health care, but leadership itself. The Globe and Mail published a piece in 2016 on the outcome of the US election, in which Kiem offered a thoughtful commentary on how the outcome may negatively affect people in even Canadian workplaces, and how to mindfully lead a team through the tough time they were experiencing

Kiem’s vision for Qi the next 5 years is to expand the Qi brand across Canada. His core values are health, helpfulness, and fun, and he is a strong advocate for utilizing team members’ unique strengths, getting them in the right roles, and creating alignment around those strengths in the organization. Kiem believes that innovation, resilience, and openness to change are the keys to being a great leader.