Leah (Costello) Rowntree - Master of Ceremonies

Leah (Costello) Rowntree is an event host, writer, and media commentator based in Vancouver, BC.

In 2010, Leah founded the Curious Mind Group of Companies that curated and produced events, conferences, salons, and luxury excursions across the country. Their signature program, the "Bon Mot Book Club", ran for 6 years as Canada’s most exclusive dinner series in Vancouver, Calgary & Toronto. Through this Club she hosted and interviewed internationally known speakers including Michael Lewis, John Cleese, Dick Cheney, Malcolm Gladwell, Conrad Black, Niall Ferguson, Sam Harris, Ehud Barak, Pervez Musharraf and numerous others. 

For 8 years previous, she was the Director of Events for the Fraser Institute. Prior to that she co-owned and managed BC’s first small chain of juice & smoothie bars.

She is a passionate animal rights activist and an optimistic proponent of disruptive technology for use in solving many of the world’s problems including our exploitation of animals in research, food supply and entertainment.